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Elon is back to sleeping at the Fremont Tesla Factory

Fremont Tesla Factory

Elon is back sleeping at the factory to ensure the Tesla Model 3 ramp up goes as planned. Tesla is being watched closely by the world right now, as everyone (especially the public markets) is watching to learn about the rate of Model 3 production, and this week he announced they surpassed 2000 vehicles per week. Elon has shifted his focus to the Model 3 production line and is working to ensure Tesla gets those numbers high, closer to the 5000 per week figure that was originally the goal for the end of 2017, even if that means he needs to sleep at the end of the production line! 

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  • I wish to convey my highest regards to Elon Musk for his utmost
    Dedication for Tesla’s grand success !

    Muni Sakya

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