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All Weather Trunk Liners1
All Weather Trunk Liners1
All Weather Trunk Liners1

Tesla Model 3 All Weather Trunk Liners - Heavy Duty Rubber

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$159.99 USD
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$159.99 USD

Have you ordered a Model 3? Make sure the trunk areas of your new Model 3 are protected with the EV Items Tesla Model 3 Trunk Liners - specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3.

Our all weather mats are laser cut to fit your Model 3's trunk regions. Each set comes as a 3 piece set of trunk liner mats (front trunk, rear trunk and rear lower trunk region).

Our all weather trunk liners are available in black, and with our deep channel design they ensure mud, rain, snow and debris do not spoil your new Model 3. Our design is ideal for rain and snow, as it ensures that water does not pool as they do with moulded mats (ie. weathertech, etc). Water/mud is distributed evenly and allows for mess to not spill over onto your carpets/trunks.

Each set of mats includes 3 pieces of velcro and 3 pieces of double sided adhesive. The use of these is optional!

If you're looking for just the interior all weather mats of your Model 3, Click Here

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